Hi, I'm Edwin

I'm a lead frontend developer currently working at Work & Co in Brooklyn, New York.

I'm a developer with a background in design and who is really passionate about UX and motion.

I'm currently working on a cool iOS app using React Native for a startup.

My latest complete work is an e-commerce store for Aldo. My team and I worked really hard to ensure that this site is accessible. Read the case study here.

Other notable recent projects I've done in my career include leading the frontend development for Clash Of Clans as well as Clash Royale while I was working for Firstborn.

I also won some awards with my work on MountainDew.com v1 and v2.

Before moving to New York, I was running a small agency called Garage Interactive in sunny Singapore where I'm from. I worked on a cool iOS app side project during this time (with Elen Winata) based on my experience from being homesick while doing an overseas internship which won a FWA mobile of the day.

Before Garage, I worked at Kinetic, where I won multiple awards with the sites I led development on: Kinetic V5 and DevilYogurt.

I also worked on a few of installations in my career, but my favorite one is The Sound Of Paper.
In 2010, I worked on a really ambitious installation using Arduino, Flash and Flash Streaming Video. ( Early prototype, Controlling the tank with a computer, Control via internet w/ webcam on cam!) - Final case study

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The Sound Of Paper
Kinetic V5
Clash Of Clans